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Sunny Po! Natural Probiotic Drink


Good for your digestion problem and stress! Just made by all natural resources of Mountain Province :) Be natural, be local and be Sunny, po!

₱150,000.00 funding goal
4 backers
7% funded

Hello, This is Sunny. I am a Korean living in the Mountain Province. 

In 2013, I worked as a volunteer at PACO, Manila, where I met my friend, Melanie Dawagan. She introduced me to her hometown, the wonderful community of Paracelis, Mountain Province. I was deeply touched by its people and warm welcome. 

The Mountain Province is abundant with fresh fruits, vegetables and plants. And its people have been producing naturally fermented fruit vinegar for hundreds of years. I discovered this when I started to work and live here in Paracelis.


Naturally Fermented Fruit Vinegar

Throughout the world, naturally fermented vinegar is known as a long-aged natural food that has tremendous benefits for human health. In fact, it has won 2 Nobel Prizes.

Fruit vinegar is high in acetic acid. It can kill harmful bacteria and prevent inflammation, lower blood sugar level, help you lose weight, lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Using their own fresh fruits, the people of Paracelis make ‘natural fruit cider vinegar’. 


How to make Sunny Po!

Ingredients of Sunny Po! are fresh fruits, natural fruit cider vinegar, stevia, unfiltered dark muscovado and water. With the traditionally made natural fruit cider vinegar and Korean technology, we have turned cider vinegars into delicious, healthy and energizing beverages! Sunny Po! Is a Natural Probiotics drink that is healthy and all-natural.


Sunny Po!

Sunny Po! Comes in 5 flavors. Each are made from their naturally fermented fruits vinegar.

Banana, Pineapple, Papaya, Rambutan, and Pitaya (Dragon Fruit). And now we are also planning to have one more flavor, SUHA!

This product is great for people who with digestion problems. It also helps in reducing stress! What’s more is that it is vegan and gluten free. It will be your alternative option to choose the drink for sunny day.

Aside from being great drinks, Sunny Po! Also lengthens the life of fruits that otherwise may have been thrown away if unsold. We are turning potential food waste into opportunity for food income. 

It is your best companion to a healthier lifestyle and a great and direct way to support Philippine agriculture. 


Our goal

Right now, our team (Cornerstone) is working towards building the facility and continuing production.

For a more stable and efficient production process, we really need a facility. We already started the building process, but currently we are having problem of the lack of some budget to finalize. 

We need your help to reach our goal  :)  Please be with us together, and I hope that you, be natural, be local and Sunny, Po!


♦ Project Crators

Cornerstone (Sunny & Winston) with Team HiFi

Sunny is a Korean living in Paracelis, Mountain Province with Sunny Po! Project.

She has worked as a NGO worker before. Now she dreams of being able to have a project with a community to enrich the lives of people in Paracelis. Now she is doing this whole project with her partner, Winston from Paracelis and with many community people such as individual farmers, PAFDA Banana Association, INAPINAN Farmers Association, PANAHAWE Weavers Association and NAMNAMA Farmers Association and so on. 

Since she has visited Paracelis 2013, she has talked and listened to the community people and tried to figure out the problem, but she concentrated on their ability they have had originally. That ability is coming from the power that comes from the fact that they are living with NATURE. 

Fortunately, she was able to be part of the SDG Camp on September 2018 where she met Benilde Hub of Innovation (HIFI) for Inclusive who supported us on this project through their Benilde Prize Ignition Grant. This crowdfunding campaign was also made possible with the support of help from Benilde HiFi.


♦ Reward Package

There are 5 kinds of reward to you. 

  • Sunny Po! Basic pack (500 PHP) 5 bottles of Sunny Po! With 3 Limited Edition Cornerstone Postcards designed
  • Sunny Po! Coaster pack (1500 PHP) 12 bottles of Sunny Po! With 3 Postcards and 1 set of juice coaster
  • Sunny Po! Muscovado pack (2500 PHP) 18 bottles of Sunny Po! With 6 Postcards, 1 set of juice coaster and 1 Muscovado
  • PASKO 2019! (5000 PHP) 24 bottles of Sunny Po! With customized name on the bottle, 6 Postcards, 1 set of juice coaster, 2 Muscovado and 2 Handmade silkscreen canvas bag
  • Be Sunny, po! 2020 (10000 PHP) 8 bottles of Sunny Po! with 1 pack of Muscovado monthly (Feb~Nov 2020)


♦ Delivery Schedule

Delivery schedule will be as below upon the reward you choose.

  • December 10~11: PASKO Special (Reward 4) with other Reward 1 to 3
  • January 30: Reward 1 to 3
  • February to November 2020: Reward 5
Name Date
Alyanna Apacible 19 November, 2019
Hongjoong KIM 21 November, 2019
Myla San Gabriel 21 November, 2019
Yoon Seok Lee 23 November, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

We just started to build the facility to produce the product regularly and more comfortably. But around 300,000 PHP is currently lack of finalizing whole building. We will use the money to put up the whole building. Rest of the amount is for producing the product continuously so that we can provide more and better products to customer, and making bigger social impact :)
There are 3 types of delivery schedule. First one is December 10~11 for Reward 4 PASKO Special and customer who purchase Reward 1~3. Second one is January 30 for Reward 1~3. Third one is monthly delivery from February to November 2020 with 8 bottles of beverage and 1 pack of nature muscovado sugar.
It will be delivered as available flavor only. But basically in the package, there are Banana, Pineapple and Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) flavor.
CORNERSTONE is newborn social enterprise that aims to solve the issues of communities in need, by finding and utilizing their abilities, and working as 'cornerstone' in such communities.

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  1. Imamawwal Abdulhayyi
    2 months ago

    Hey there! I wanted to let you know that I have some tips that could really help your campaign. No pressure, but I'm happy to share them if you're interested. Contact me here http://www.fiverr.com/awwalcrowd

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Sunny Po! Basic pack - ₱500.00

Have a experience with Sunny Po! basic pack

5 bottles of Sunny Po! with 3 limited edition Sunny Po! postcards by Korean designer Myung Ha Lee of Mindgarden

0 out of 60 claimed

Sunny Po! Coaster pack - ₱1,500.00

Have a Mountain Province style culture with each traditionanl design patterns on a coaster.
- 12 bottles of Sunny Po!
- 3 Limited Edition Cornerstone Postcards
- 1 Set of juice coaster made by PANAHAWE weavers association of Paracelis. 1 set has 2 design, 1 is Carina modern design and the other 1 is traditional design.

2 out of 50 claimed

Sunny Po! Muscovado pack - ₱2,500.00

Feel the real nature of Mountain Province with muscovado sugar coming from 'Licoy' mountain farm.
- 18 bottles of Sunny Po!
- 6 Limited Edition Cornerstone Postcards
- 1 Set of juice coaster
- 1 Pack of unfiltered dark Muscovado mady by INIPINAN Farmers Association of Licoy, Paracelis. Real natural muscovado directly coming from sugarcane without any other process except boiling and drying

1 out of 30 claimed

PASKO 2019! - ₱5,000.00

Best Christmas gift for your family & friends with own their name on the bottle. Only 10 limited availability!
- 24 bottles of Sunny Po! with customized name on the bottle
- 6 Limited Edition Cornerstone Postcards
- 1 Set of juice coaster
- 2 Pack of unfiltered dark Muscovado
- 2 Handmade Silkscreen canvas bag disigned by Korean designer Myung Ha Lee of Mindgarden

* This package will be delivered on December 10~11 before PASKO! :)

0 out of 10 claimed

Be Sunny, po! 2020 - ₱10,000.00

Be our regular customer and have healthier life! SAVE 1900 PHP yearly

8 bottles of Sunny Po! with 1 pack of Muscovado monthly 2020 from February to November.

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