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Stay Awake: Fugu Musk Debut EP Launch

Stay Awake was written and produced by Raf de los Reyes, a local independent musician. His band, Fugu Musk, is ready to show their debut EP to the world.

₱82,000.00 funding goal
54 backers
101% funded

Stay Awake is the first EP to be released by my band, Fugu Musk. It consists of six songs that were recorded, mixed, and mastered using the bare-bones equipment I own. Despite this, I am quite thrilled with what I have come up with and I am more than excited to share it with everyone. It took me three months of hard work to fine-tune these songs about wistful love, loneliness, crippling self-doubt, restless living, the inevitability of growing up, and the constant search for a place to belong in this world. If you find yourself aimlessly wandering around empty city streets, laying down in grassy fields looking at the stars, or sitting in forests with towering trees, I hope that Stay Awake accompanies you with the neverending hums and murmurs of waking life.

With your support, we will perform the songs from the EP live. These are songs I thought would never reach beyond my bedroom walls. This EP launch is the beginning of so much more opportunities and we are going all-out. The event will be held on October 13, a Friday, at 7pm in the time-honored Mow’s Bar. There will be other artists performing including Yūrei, Kaleidoscope Eyes, and Perkywasted, to name a few. This will be an event that celebrates the talent and creativity of local artists. Back this project and swing by to show your support for the music of local independent artists. 

Event page: https://tinyurl.com/StayAwakeLaunch

Music has always been my passion. It is my way to connect to people as I express in music and lyrics the emotions I cannot otherwise verbalize. I tell a story through the music I compose -- through the lyrics and the music itself. It is a story that I think every listener becomes part of as they understand my music through their own experiences.

I learned how to play the drums at the age of seven, the guitar at the age of twelve. I worked hard and taught myself how to record, mix, and master everything. I started Fugu Musk about seven years ago with friends who have since have moved on to pursue other interests. Eventually, my good friends joined the band -- Riggs Chanco on bass and Rodge Chanco on drums. I have performed shows in malls and also multiple school-sponsored events, like in school fairs and proms. Recently, I’ve been performing in open mic nights as a one-man band in preparation for the release of this EP.

Moving Forward. With this funding, I plan to pour any profit I would gain right back into my music. I still have a long way to go, but I want to keep producing and performing music for as long as the road goes.

September 11 Start of Campaign
September to October Production of Rewards
October 10 End of Campaign
October 13 EP Launch
October to November

Delivery of Rewards

Setup and Platform Php 8,000.00
Venue Php 15,000.00
Marketing Php 5,000.00
Production Php 24,000.00
Talent Php 30,000.00
Total Php 82,000.00







Exclusive goodies await the backers of this project: a CD copy of the EP with a bonus track and lyric booklet included, passes to the show, limited edition band stickers, t-shirts, and posters, and so much more!


Step 1: Choose your desired pledge. (How though? All of the pledge rewards sound good…)

Step 2: Click the “Back Project” button located below the pledge descriptions and follow the instructions provided by the Spark Team.

  • Fill out your contact information
  • Choose your mode of payment (bank deposit, PayPal/Credit Card, or Dragonpay)

Step 3: Eagerly await the goodies in store for you!

Note: Your rewards shall be given during the EP launch. If you cannot make it to the EP launch, then they will be delivered to you (via shipping or meetup) and we will miss you.

Feel free to message us with your inquiries. (We stay awake all night.)

Bandcamp: http://tinyurl.com/FuguBandCamp

Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/FBFugu

Twitter: http://twitter.com/FuguMusk

Email: fugumusk@gmail.com

Contact Number: 0916-665-1085

Your support is much appreciated. See you at the show!

Name Date
Adi Amor 12 September, 2017
Aces Amor 12 September, 2017
Mae Amor 12 September, 2017
Anonymous 12 September, 2017
Anonymous 13 September, 2017
Martin Leachon 14 September, 2017
April Amor 14 September, 2017
Oya Bautista 16 September, 2017
Glenn Tuazon 20 September, 2017
Anonymous 23 September, 2017
Miguel Hamoy 23 September, 2017
Gabriell Igaya 23 September, 2017
Kristia de Guzman 23 September, 2017
Jay-jay Nem Singh 23 September, 2017
Enrico Urbina 23 September, 2017
James Toplis 23 September, 2017
Miguel Sarmiento 23 September, 2017
Rap Maambong 23 September, 2017
Deriq David 23 September, 2017
Celina Cruz 27 September, 2017
Joshua “my handsome friend” avedillo 28 September, 2017
Adlai Amor 28 September, 2017
Zoë Isabela 29 September, 2017
Patch Dulay 29 September, 2017
Dwaine Chu 30 September, 2017
Nicole Gil 30 September, 2017
Gabby 1 October, 2017
Jayne Tinhay 3 October, 2017
Karlo Baingan 4 October, 2017
Dr. Friedmann 4 October, 2017
Joaquin Quizon 4 October, 2017
Kyra Yu 5 October, 2017
Anonymous 5 October, 2017
Joshua de los Reyes 5 October, 2017
Amelia Alba 5 October, 2017
Amelia Alba 5 October, 2017
Amelia Alba 5 October, 2017
Amelia Alba 5 October, 2017
Amelia Alba 5 October, 2017
Amelia Alba 5 October, 2017
Amelia Alba 5 October, 2017
Henry Lee III 6 October, 2017
Bernadine/ Francis Cruz 6 October, 2017
Danny Go 7 October, 2017
Kyra Yu 7 October, 2017
Ann 8 October, 2017
Anonymous 9 October, 2017
Tanya Carlos 9 October, 2017
Janessa Geronimo 9 October, 2017
Vincent Cruz 9 October, 2017
Matthew Azada 9 October, 2017
Riggs Chanco 10 October, 2017
Gab Tesoro 10 October, 2017
Sherjan Rana 10 October, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Php 30,000 is allotted for the individuals who are making this EP launch possible: the other performers, the graphic artist, the photographer, the videographer, and the host. Php 24,000 is allotted for the production of the EP itself and the band merchandise. Php 15,000 is for the venue cost. Php 8,000 is for the setup and platform cost. Php 5,000 is for the online marketing cost.
We will have your rewards ready for pick up during the EP launch itself. If you cannot make it to the EP launch, we will contact you to set a meetup or ship the rewards to you. We will cover the shipping costs, unless you are not located in the Philippines.
Depending on how much you are willing to pledge, there are corresponding rewards for you. Simply decide on your pledge amount and click the “Back Project” button located below the pledge descriptions. Soon after, you will be instructed to decide on your mode of payment. If you choose the Bank Deposit option, someone from the Spark project team will send you an email with further instructions. If you choose the PayPal/Credit Card option or the Dragonpay option, you will be redirected to their respective websites.
You may send your pledges through the PayPal/Credit Card option.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us. You may send us a message on our social media accounts (facebook: facebook.com/FuguMusk or twitter: twitter.com/FuguMusk), email us at fugumusk@gmail.com or text 0916-665-1085 for any inquiries.

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