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REPAMANA Chapter 0: Origins


REPAMANA repurposes discarded hotel bedsheets, transforming them into elevated pambahay (loungewear) with a story that reaches far beyond the fabric.

Quezon City
₱100,000.00 funding goal
44 backers
129% funded



Disclaimer notes:

All garments are different from one another and may vary depending on the material availability. The samples shown may vary through lighting, color, and supply of the material. Regardless, the shape, size, and silhouette is retained as seen on reference.



Name Date
Lauren Gutierrez 13 October, 2023
Paul Pajo 24 October, 2023
Bel 14 November, 2023
Nikki Santos-Ocampo 14 November, 2023
Bel 18 November, 2023
AA 22 November, 2023
Harvey Vasquez 22 November, 2023
Russ Juson 22 November, 2023
Patch Dulay 27 November, 2023
Adam Conrad 28 November, 2023
Belle 1 December, 2023
Ingyinn Aung Thu "Phway Phway" 1 December, 2023
Czarina Thea Caga 2 December, 2023
Ionica Lim 2 December, 2023
Kyle Lim 3 December, 2023
Sofia Guevara 5 December, 2023
Anya Guevara 5 December, 2023
Bella Guevara 5 December, 2023
Alia Jean Pablo 7 December, 2023
Benilde Center for Partnership Advancement 7 December, 2023
Bettina Calubaquib 9 December, 2023
Natalia Aguilar 10 December, 2023
Gabbi Constantino 10 December, 2023
Mik 11 December, 2023
Norma Pablo 11 December, 2023
Jon Gutierrez 11 December, 2023
Bettina Gutierrez 14 December, 2023
David Guison 14 December, 2023
Jona Trinos 14 December, 2023
Roxoanne Bagano-Dizon 14 December, 2023
Clarice I. 22 December, 2023
Donnie Gutierrez 4 January, 2024
Meg Manzano 4 January, 2024
Devi Juson 8 January, 2024
mona yap 17 January, 2024
Pauline Roxas 23 January, 2024
Gin Panlilio 23 January, 2024
Accounting Office - Quezon City LGU 25 January, 2024
Bonzai 25 January, 2024
Vinz Mamalateo 30 January, 2024
Accounting Office - Quezon City LGU 31 January, 2024
Chloe Ng 2 February, 2024
Genevieve Garcia 2 February, 2024
Clarice Allison Inciso 8 February, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Through a rigorous scouring and laundry process, you can ensure all the bedsheets used for production are properly sanitized.
The shipping fee is not included yet in the total reward cost. This will be coordinated separately upon completion of your order.
All rewards (unless tagged with: "IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP!") will be shipped out January 2024. We will keep you updated with regards to the status of your rewards.
You can get in touch with us via repamana23@gmail.com or reach out to us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/repamana.
Yes, we are grateful for every individual looking to back our project! However please note that shipping fee is not included yet in the total reward cost. This will be coordinated separately upon completion of your order.
Once the order is confirmed, we will schedule a client call and fitting with you. Custom orders will take 30 working days to complete, depending on the agreed upon design.

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Back this Project

Homecoming Kit - ₱500.00


RE. Basahan (Rag)

A staple to every Filipino household, crafted by the female prisoners of Quezon City. A multipurpose rag that can be used in the kitchen, dining, or living room, depending on your preference.

RE. Aspili (Brooch Pin)

A representation of the brand's symbol, the butterfly. An unending cycle of metamorphosis, a constant theme throughout the label reintegrated everything back into the cycle. The idea of it as an heirloom that is passed on to generations.

3 claimed

The Pyupa Bag - ₱1,500.00


PYUPA. The beginning of every journey that starts from within, unraveling into its new form. A crocheted handbag fashioned from repurposed fabrics of knitted shirts made by the female prisoners of Quezon City. Encased like a cocoon shell, protecting all your belongings. Limited and number pieces.

8 out of 23 claimed

Badiday Top - ₱3,750.00


BADIDAY. The household's all-around maiden, she does the chores and looks out for everyone’s wellbeing. A sleeveless flared top with ribbon-tie shoulder straps that can be adjusted to different sizes or depending on the wearer's preference. This can be a wardrobe staple either going out for a quick errand or lounging at home.

0 out of 20 claimed

Dodong Shirt - ₱4,750.00

DODONG. The family’s handyman, the reliable tinker to every repair in the household. Reimagined from a Yukata for a breezy and comfortable fit, this soft-tailored overgarment has side openings connected with a tie-strap. The unconventional piece can be styled in various ways, either layering it with a shirt or can be worn as is.

0 out of 20 claimed

Inday Daster - ₱4,750.00

INDAY. The feminine, outspoken and passionate. Designed to flatter every woman's body, this everyday daster is a must-have. A multi-strap mid-length tent dress adjustable to different sizes depending on the wearer’s preference.

1 out of 20 claimed

Badong Polo - ₱6,750.00

BADONG. The heartthrob who may seem shy and reserved, but exudes confidence when the situation demands. Our own version of an occasion polo shirt heavily manipulated with our "kum-ot" technique, showing a crumpled effect. Enclosed by metal snaps to show a seamless flow but finished raw for a rugged look.

0 out of 5 claimed

Mariposa - ₱6,750.00

MARIPOSA. The favorite among all siblings, she always brings energy to the household. A low-back multi-strap top rendered with the brand's “kum-ot” technique in a more pristine and neat variation. It can be worn for an elevated look or opt for a casual feel with a denim look.

0 out of 10 claimed

Mariposa Tapis - ₱9,750.00

MARIPOSA T. The twin sister. Although identical, she is different from her twin, quiet but has a lot to say. A versatile wrap-around garment styled in the iconic “kum-ot” technique. It can be worn as an individual garment or perfectly paired with the Mariposa top as a set.

1 out of 5 claimed

Cero (Custom) - ₱15,000.00

CERO or 0 equates to “unknown” that is yet to be discovered. Explicitly designed as per the client’s request, this custom apparel can be referenced from any of the looks from the collection. An exclusive collaboration and consultation with the designer is offered. 

1 out of 5 claimed