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Neil & Marter : Synergy in Fashion, Art and Function to save Mother Earth.


A mindful curation of textile waste. From Scraps to Fashion; Reversing the impact of industrial wastes to save Mother Earth.

₱100,000.00 funding goal
12 backers
37% funded

Hi! We're Neil & Marter

Neil & Marter is a start up fashion brand that aims to influence people in supporting slow and ethical fashion. We make handcrafted accessories by using offcuts of leathers and fabrics.

Neil & Marter co-owner, designers and makers, Neil and Bon started the brand as environmental advocates with an ethical and sustainable platform and plastic-free packaging solutions.

"As a social enterprise, we have a strong responsibility and dedication to uplifting local artisan, and empowering Filipinos through self-expression in Fashion."  

How we started out…

Fashion is one of the biggest contributor of waste but it also is one of the best way to spread message and awareness in environmental wellness; establishing a sustainable living, protecting our natural resources, lessening pollutants and excessive waste.

The idea of Neil & Marter started with Bon’s abundance of scrap materials coming from his Interior design background. Younger generations are now concious of how fashion impacts a huge percentage of industrial waste in our planet. That is how we thought of maximizing the use of oddments of textile altogether to create functional and wearable art.
It led us to venture into this social enterprise that caters to modern and eco-conscious fashionistas who value the origin, and the process behind the brands and products they support.

       ( Genuine & Vegan Leather offcuts, Earrings made by Neil & Marter; Neil wearing the new design; Mimiyuuuh wearing Neil & Marter "Oblina" as seen in Rank Magazine's Mastermind issue)


“Neil & Marter – Synergy in Fashion, Art and Function to save Mother Earth.”  

Our project is cause-driven and our goal is to create opportunities and to empower Filipinos, especially women. Being mindful in using textile wastes is one of our core values. To lessen waste, to be the voice for an Ethical Fashion Movement and to push sustainability to uplift Filipino Livelihood and to promote environmental wellness.


We will be Launching the Shoes and Bags designed by Neil & Marter and produced in collaboration with the artisans of Marikina City. 

Cattle’s Cradle

Amara Bag and Mule Shoes inspired by Tamaraw, a critically endangered species of buffalo which is endemic only to the Philippines.

Moo Bag and Mule Shoes inspired by Holstein Friesians, a dairy cattle.

Thank you so much for your support for the Planet, for our Nation and for it's People.

Special Thanks to The Spark Project Team
 most especially to Patch Dulay & Audrey Hontiveros

Marikina City Office and MASIDO 
(Marikina Shoe Industry Development Office)

Marikina Bag and Shoe Makers


Unyx Sta. Ana

Roweliza Landicho

Salve Duplito

Dems Angeles

ACT Creative Connections

IDr. Roselle Cruz

Ky Fernandez

Old Enough Studio

Yna Shahal-Buen

To get updates about this campaign and to know more
    about Neil & Marter, get in touch with us through:

Neil & Marter Facebook Page

Neil & Marter Instagram


Name Date
YSEALI Sparkability 28 October, 2020
Rosbin 26 November, 2020
Delia 26 November, 2020
Raqs 26 November, 2020
Marissa 26 November, 2020
Anonymous 14 December, 2020
Anonymous 14 December, 2020
Dems 21 December, 2020
Frankie Mamaril 22 December, 2020
Isis Clariz Huang 11 January, 2021
Isis Huang 11 January, 2021
Audrey Hontiveros 11 January, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to find a way to help support the whole nation in any way we can and help reboot our local economy during these hard and trying times. We designed Bags & Shoes that will extend our product line to maintain the zero-waste space of our creativity. The items will be produced in collaboration with the artisans of Marikina City. Their honed craftsmanship in Bags & Shoes will guarantee the quality of our design. To uplift our local community and encourage Filipinos to support local and buy goods from our own. We are also doing this crowdfunding to help spread awareness on sustainability both in sustaining Environmental wellness and Filipino Livelihood, for our Artisans and community of makers in Marikina City, wherein they were hugely affected by the recent Typhoon. 25% of the earnings will be used to help them recover little by little. For the Planet, for our Nation and for its People.
We can spark this project by helping us finance the production and operational costs that will provide fair-wage and projects to our Artisans in Marikina City. We wanted to help support our community in any way we can, 25% of the earnings from this crowdfunding will be used to help our Artisans and community of makers from Marikina City, we will be providing some supplies to help them recover little by little.
Neil & Marter co-owners, designers and makers, Neil and Bon started the brand as environmental advocates with an ethical and sustainable platform through that saves leathers and fabrics from going to landfills; turning these raw material oddments to a meaningful and purposeful wearable pieces. We encourage plastic-free packaging solutions with not just us, but all the entrepreneurs especially the young ones to lessen plastic waste and protect our Environment.
We collect them from our partner fashion & furniture manufacturers, brands, shoemakers and designers. We also source out imported luxury fabric and genuine leather scraps from design & hotel companies.
Yes. For Local Shipping within Metro Manila, it is free and included in the pledge.
Yes. For International Shipping, kindly take note that import costs and custom fees are to be covered by the backer.
Yes! You can personally choose from our selection of curated leather and fabric offcuts that will match your style. Please keep in touch with us and we'll send you a catalog of available curated pieces for both the Earrings and Cattle's Cradle collection (Moo! and Amara Shoes and Bags).
We will be able to start shipping out on first week of December 2020 for the Reward Earrings. For the Shoes and Bags, you will be able to receive the Rewards 1-2 weeks after the crowdfunding has concluded. If needed, you will receive an email or a text message to coordinate. We will send a message and updates for Shoe and Bags backers. Please bare with us as we are still recovering from the recent Typhoons. Thank you so much!
May you have question and other inquiries, please follow us on Instagram : @neilmarter and Facebook Page : Neil & Marter.

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