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Mon Dane Weddings Summer Collection


Mon Dane Weddings is revealing a new summer collection in hopes of making an environmental impact in the bridal wear industry.

Bacoor, Cavite
₱150,000.00 funding goal
27 backers
101% funded





Name Date
Pauline Miculob 18 December, 2021
Anonymous 19 December, 2021
Tricia Conocer 19 December, 2021
Maria 19 December, 2021
Audrey Hontiveros 20 December, 2021
Imma Purr 20 December, 2021
Candice You & Me 21 December, 2021
Lorenze Cruz 24 December, 2021
Meg Elane 25 December, 2021
Raphael Go 27 December, 2021
Regina Joplo 27 December, 2021
Pauline Mendez 27 December, 2021
Chesby 30 December, 2021
Annie Ancheta 4 January, 2022
Tessa Ancheta 4 January, 2022
Joy Ancheta-Abrera 4 January, 2022
Katrina Therese Olan 4 January, 2022
Anonymous 4 January, 2022
Ike Abrera 4 January, 2022
Anonymous 4 January, 2022
Dax Javallena 11 January, 2022
Audrey Parreno 11 January, 2022
Patch Dulay 27 January, 2022
Kat Joplo 2 February, 2022
Anonymous 2 February, 2022
Fe Elane 2 February, 2022
Joplo Family 2 February, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be launching a spring-summer collection of contemporary wedding wear in January. We want to do our part in making sustainable fashion a reality, and we’ll need the community’s help.
Supporting our cause with financial aid can launch our vision to the market, which can hopefully spread awareness about the latent impact of fashion, starting with wedding wear.
The rewards are there as a thank you to our supporters. Each backer’s donation amount corresponds to a reward (see rewards list). And the more support we receive, the greater the rewards you can expect. However, any amount is greatly appreciated, and will be put to good use.
Awesome rewards and promo deals are coming your way! You also get to be part of a revolutionary time in local fashion. And you, as investors, are making a significant impact on the small business community and our environment.
The funds we receive from backers will be allocated to the following: production, marketing, operations, and crowdfunding expenses. We will also frequently keep backers updated on our progress.
You can check out our website www.mondaneweddings.com to learn more about our vision. Or contact us on IG @mondaneweddings and FB /mondaneweddings
Contact Audrey Hontiveros at audrey@thesparkproject.com
  • January 4, 2022

    Hello and many thanks to our generous donors! ✨We're nearly to our goal and we've got just 2 weeks left. Share this page with your friends and family so they can get really awesome rewards too!

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