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Pamealy Workbook: Mag-budget, meal plan, avoid food waste!


Ang Pamealy Workbook ay isang mabisang tool sa pag-manage ng daily budget in family life at maiwasan ang food waste at over buying!

Quezon City
₱50,000.00 funding goal
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49% funded

PAMEALY MEAL PLANNER AND BUDGET WORKBOOK is a pandemic project of spouses, Yok and Anj Calungcaguin of TMPB, Bakers of Change Inc. PAMEALY was formed in 2022 initially, to incubate and help a community of baking, cooking, and foodpreneur families reach their market online. Now in addition, it aims to inspire families in meal-planning and budgeting by using a workbook designed for Filipino families. PAMEALY advocates in fighting food waste. By using the workbook, families will be able to plan, budget, save time, money, and most of all avoid food waste.

Indeed, during the pandemic, many were displaced from their livelihoods. Many businesses closed included ours. It was a very hard time not knowing what the future could bring. 

During those times, we needed to pivot our business and started something that's more inclined with the situation. 
We also thought of uncertainties that the pandemic brings. It was really scary. 

One day, while Anj is doing our family budget for the week, she ran of paper sheets from her 5 year old refillable notebook. And didn't even bothered to get refills. She's also at times confused of where she wrote the total of what she spent from the grocery. It's messy and unorganized. It made her so frustrated.

I remember, we would miss paying our bills most of that time because we didn't organize. We did not take responsibility of our family's finances seriously. It gave us so much trouble paying our bills that became bad debts, just because we did not organize.

We then realized that writing in Anj's ugly notebook is important. It was our family "bible." It was our family plan written in that notebook.

Thanks to the internet, it opened our minds to create our very own budgeting and meal planning workbook where we also shared to our friends! Then the Pamealy Workbook was born.

We praise the Lord for He truly is a mighty God. He brought our families and communities together to help and support one another through this project!

Now we are sharing it to you and to the ka-nanays community that we are building. We believe that budgeting is for everyone and will truly help families to manage and take control of their spendings, savings, and of course meal planning.

Budgeting is a great tool to help one person or family to become more aware of their money matters. It's also useful to avoid overspending in the grocery and ultimately, avoid food waste.

This year, the Pamealy team is building a new community of budgeting ka-nanays in Quezon City whom are the beneficiaries of the "buy 1, give 1" and Pamealy support reward tier. These mothers are from single income households, earning from Php 15,000.00 below per month.

As of now, we have at least 20 ka-nanays benefiting from this project, but we are looking into more members soon!

With your generous support, our team will be able to give the ka-nanays free workbooks, workshops in budget cooking, savings, meal planning, and food waste prevention.


Tara, mag-Pamealy planning tayo!

We believe that budgeting is for everyone. Whether starting with a small budget or a large one, it is important that one should be aware of their spending and savings.

Budgeting is a useful tool for everyone regardless of the income level. It can also help anyone work toward financial goals, avoidance of bad debts and of course savings.




Name Date
Weng Botona 18 August, 2023
May Vitug 19 August, 2023
Tessa Calalang 19 August, 2023
Mae Villafuerte 19 August, 2023
Amor Ibo 21 August, 2023
Konny 22 August, 2023
Beng Remollino 23 August, 2023
Cookie Calingasan 23 August, 2023
athena lee 24 August, 2023
RACHEL SARMIENTO 30 August, 2023
Charina Carpio 31 August, 2023
Anonymous 6 September, 2023
Anonymous 6 September, 2023
Patch Dulay 12 September, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s like a diary but all things budgeting, meal planning, grocery listing, saving sheets, and everything you can write about daily family budget life.
We don’t think so! You’ll love it! It’s a family-approved budget and meal planner. It also features quotes and Bible verses to inspire you while using the workbook.
When you list down all of the things that you wanted to eat in a week and write it on the meal plan calendar, and you have the will power to stick to what you wrote, you will surely avoid food waste!
No, it could be for whoever is budgeting in the family! Our 10-year old kid helps out when we are meal planning.
It’s up to you! The bigger the better, yes? But you can take a photo of your grocery list and leave your precious Pamealy Workbook at home.
Definitely! We have a digital version coming up soon!
They are the Pamealy-ka nanays baking and cooking group, Quezon City. This is the newest community that we are building, thanks to your generous support, ka-Pamealy!
Definitely, yes! Budgeting is for everyone. It can actually help anyone reach their financial goal, save money, avoid debt, and save for the future.

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Pamealy Support - ₱500.00


  • 1 Ikaw Na Ang Budgetarian Mug
  • 1 set of motivational stickers

This reward tier will help us build a ka-nanay community of budgeting, cooking, and enterprising women from Quezon City. 


Your support will help us print more Pamealy Workbooks which will be distributed to more ka-nanays living in minimum and low wages. 


We hope to reach more budgetarian families from different communities in the future as we spread awareness of the importance of budgeting, meal planning, savings, and avoiding food waste at home.


We want to thank you in advance for your support!


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Pamealy Plan A - ₱1,500.00

  • 1 Pamealy Budget and Meal Plan Workbook
  • 1 Set Motivational Stickers
  • 1 Ikaw na ang budgetarian mug 
  • Your choice of color!

PLUS BONUS REWARD: 1 Online Baking Class at the Pamealy Kitchen 

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Pamealy Plan B - ₱2,500.00

  • 1 Pamealy Budget and Meal Plan Workbook
  • 1 Set Motivational Stickers
  • 1 Ikaw na ang budgetarian mug 
  • 1 Online Baking Class at the Pamealy Kitchen 
  • Your choice of color!

PLUS BONUS REWARD: 1 Online Cooking Class at the Pamealy Kitchen 

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BUY 1, GIVE 1! - ₱3,000.00

  • 1 Pamealy Budget and Meal Plan Workbook
  • 1 Pamealy Budget and Meal Plan Workbook to give to Pamealy-ka nanays baking and cooking group, Quezon City.
  • 1 Set Motivational Stickers
  • 1 Ikaw na ang budgetarian mug
  • Your choice of color!


  • 1 Online Baking Class at the Pamealy Kitchen 
  • 1 Online Cooking Class at the Pamealy Kitchen

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