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Jaguar-IO Attachable Door Sensor


An Internet-of-Things enabled device

₱150,000.00 funding goal
5 backers
10% funded

Why are we crowdfunding?

We need your help to get funds to produce more units and to get our product already to the hands of common filipino households. We need all the help we can get so we could scale up our product and somehow compete with large tech companies out there offering innovative products to this very elementary stage of internet connected things.

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What backers can get?

Our backers with a minimum pledge of P2,990, will get our first ever release. There will be 2 batches. 1st batch will be the release of 10 units and are targeted to get to the homes of our backers by end of October. The 2nd batch will be the remaining 40 units of the planned 50 produced units this year.

Pretty much all of the production process is home-brew. Meaning, we didn’t get any fabrication plant to help us in production since it will be very expensive and thousands of units should be lined up before we could engage with them. And we cannot afford that yet.

But with your help, if this campaign becomes successful, we will be able to lower down the price of the units and we may be able to mass produce the product. Through your support, we will be more motivated to put more innovation to our product that will really benefit our filipino household consumers.

How to backup our project?

Step 1. If you wanted the product ASAP, the earliest that we can commit is end of October. Choose the Early Adopter menu. And if you can wait a little longer or if all units are already reserved in the Early Adopter, you can opt to choose the Model 1 menu and receive your device before the Christmas holiday.

Step 2. You may choose to pay your pledge through the options provided by thesparkproject web site.

Step 3. Provide us your address to where we could ship or place where we could meet you up to hand you over your device.

Step 4. Like our facebook page and let’s get in touch. Will also keep you posted about our latest announcements through our facebook page facebook.com/jaguariotech.


Thank you po! :)

Name Date
Veksler Jason Brucal 2 October, 2017
Shaider 2 October, 2017
Lala Mendoza 3 October, 2017
Allan Irineo 4 October, 2017
meteor4angel 15 October, 2017

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Back this Project

Early Adopter - ₱2,990.00

First ever 10 units of productoin.

Target release will be by the end of October 2017. Just in time before All Souls Day holiday.

3 out of 10 claimed

Model 1 - ₱2,990.00

2nd batch of production of 40 units. 

Target release will be by the end of November to early December. Just in time before the Christmas season!

0 out of 40 claimed