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Franco Collection: Laptop Bag and Messenger Bag


We're launching our thoughtfully designed Franco Collection for the young, urban, creative and purposeful individual.

₱350,000.00 funding goal
34 backers
59% funded

Who is The School of Satchel?

The School of Satchel was established in 2011 in Manila. Old school satchel bags in the 1950's were the inspiration of the brand, as it's classic, unique and preppy look appealed to its owners.

We wanted to bring this fashion in the Philippines, especially for men who value quality, style and functionality. We wanted the brand to be every young urban creatives' go to leather bag.

We stand for quality, fair trade and classic and smart versatility. All our products are made with real cowhide leather, top grain and full grain. The leather we use are all locally sourced. Every piece is handmade from pattern making to cutting, and handled intricately by local leather craftsmen..

The School of Satchel Charlie 15in Oxblood.jpg

What is The School of Satchel's vision?

The School of Satchel's vision is to be an instrument for more Filipinos to believe and love local brands.

We want to contribute to a culture of patriotism, wherein people will search for homegrown brands first when they shop, instead of looking for international brands.

We want to challenge colonial mentality, which still exists in this day and age.

Charlie 15in Brown_Lifestyle_Crossbody shot.jpg

The School of Satchel Blue Macy.jpg

What are we crowdfunding?

We are crowdfunding the Franco Collection, a relaunch of our thoughtfully designed laptop and messenger bags.

The funds will go directly to finance production, as we will be using full grain cowhide leather, the highest leather grade in the market. Highest in strength, longevity and best ageing aesthetics. 

Franco Laptop Bag will be available in two sizes: 13" and 15". It will have a full leather interior and lining. We have made adjustments from the previous design, to fit the needs of purposeful, passionate, busy and on the go individuals. We added more pockets to accommodate your everyday needs in performing your career, passion or startup work.

*Laptop and Messenger Bag shown are actual samples of Franco Collection. Available in two colors: Copper and Dark Brown


Why are we crowdfunding?

The School of Satchel believes that crowdfunding is a modern way of getting "investors" to raise funds and more importantly awareness for something we strongly believe in.

Our goal is to encourage people to have the courage to choose local.

The School of Satchel supports fair trade. We ensure that no one is shortchanged from the whole supply chain process. By supporting this project, you will be part of our journey in creating this locally made premium sleek and functional laptop bag, and supporting the local leather industry.

What can backers get from this?

By being part of this project, you will be helping The School of Satchel in aggressively raising the bar for local products. You will also be part of our journey in creating awareness that homegrown brands can always be your first choice. This way, we will all be helping the local leather industry thrive.

Backers will receive rewards that correspond to pledge given. Franco Collection will be ready by end of August. We will keep you posted on exciting developments for this project.

How can interested backers support this campaign?

For international orders, there will be an additional charge for shipping.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @theschoolofsatchel to stay updated. You can also message us there for inquiries and clarifications, or email us at info@theschoolofsatchel.com 

Visit our website to get to know more about The School of Satchel http://theschoolofsatchel.com/.

Thank you for taking time to read about our campaign. Hoping you'll be interested to be part of this.

Name Date
Angelo 22 July, 2018
Eric 22 July, 2018
Angela See 22 July, 2018
Sandy Villacruz 22 July, 2018
Lance Oscar German 22 July, 2018
Io Han Joshua Tan 22 July, 2018
Al Rainier Chua 22 July, 2018
Anonymous 22 July, 2018
Ivan Erl Elymar Cayaban 22 July, 2018
YT 23 July, 2018
Jayson Dela Cruz 23 July, 2018
Jayson Dela Cruz 23 July, 2018
Bingo Javier 23 July, 2018
Pax 23 July, 2018
Joann 24 July, 2018
Joann 24 July, 2018
Jonathan Obial 24 July, 2018
Ag 24 July, 2018
John RV 25 July, 2018
Franz 30 July, 2018
Stephen Huang 30 July, 2018
Liana Luzelle 7 August, 2018
LEVI JONES TAMAYO 13 August, 2018
Rojo 15 August, 2018
Binoe 19 August, 2018
Xian 22 August, 2018
Ton Ang 24 August, 2018
Patch Dulay 26 August, 2018
Trina Laurel 28 August, 2018
Lloydie 30 August, 2018
Franklin Jr. del Castillo 3 September, 2018
Rodezza Pili 4 September, 2018
Gad 4 September, 2018
Rodezza Pili 5 September, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

This crowdfunding campaign is to help us jumpstart and create more pieces of our new Franco Collection. Franco Collection includes a Laptop Bag and a Messenger Bag.
The Franco Collection, together will all the products of The School of Satchel, is locally made. Materials are sourced here in the Philippines, and made by local leather craftsmen. We use real cowhide leather, full grain.
Full grain leather is the highest type of leather available in the market. Highest in terms of strength, durability and ageing aesthetics.
Franco Laptop Bags will be available in two colors - Mahogany and Dark brown. It will have 2 sizes - 13" and 15". Franco Messenger Bag will be available in two colors as well - Mahogany and Dark Brown.
The rewards for backers will be available for shipping starting September. We will notify you via email 3 days before shipping your rewards. *P250 Shipping Fee for Metro Manila Backers *P450 Shipping Fee for Provincial Backers
You can follow and message us in our social media accounts: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theschoolofsatchel/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theschoolofsatchel/ Website http://theschoolofsatchel.com/ Email info@theschoolofsatchel.com

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You will receive a personalized luggage tag and two pieces key holders.

3 out of 40 claimed

Travel Essentials Set - ₱2,500.00

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Franco Messenger Bag - ₱4,500.00

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Franco Laptop Bag 13in - ₱9,200.00

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Franco Laptop Bag 15in - ₱10,800.00

You will receive a limited personalized Franco Laptop Bag 15in at 20% exclusive discount, together with personalized key holder, card holder, cord organizer and journal cover.

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