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Changing Lives, One Crab Condominium at A Time


Tambanokano is a recirculating aquaculture crab farm. We're on a mission to create a the first RAS hatchery and grow out in the Phils.

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Savor the rich flavors of our Tambanokano special crab paste, a gourmet delight made with love and sustainability in mind.

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Enjoy a fresh catch of live crabs straight from our crab condo, delivered to your doorstep for a delicious seafood feast




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Enjoy our salt-baked crab-in-a-box, a savory treat straight from Tambanokano Aqua Farm to your table!


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Join us in our mission to promote sustainable aquaculture by growing your own crab!

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Bid now for the chance to own a premium selection of sustainably farmed crabs, and support our mission for ethical seafood production!


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