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Ate Laila "Weavers’ Sanctuary: Investing in Yakan Artistry"


Support the Yakan weavers in enhancing their weaving center to showcase their vibrant creations and boost sustainable livelihoods.

Lamitan, Basilan
₱100,000.00 funding goal
4 backers
12% funded
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ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading /Training Hub for Indigenous or Ingenious Little Livelihood seekers) is a social and cultural enterprise in Cebu, Philippines with a strong mission to preserve our craft traditions and provide sustainable livelihood to Filipino artisans. It is integral in our core of our values to seek innovative and inclusive solutions on how we can build entrepreneurial capacity and ensure that our artisans do not get left behind.  

Bayanihan was born out of the presence of a growing global community showing up for us in the toughest times throughout the pandemic. We aim to activate this contagious spirit of bayanihan once again to connect our artisans directly to the market, expand their reach to a global market and support their desire to weave tradition and technology by learning digital skills in storytelling and marketing. The value and the spirit of Bayanihan is the common thread that lives among us in a way that honours this connection. It gives us the opportunity to grow a community and be of service to each other in a way that fosters resilience and lasting change.

In partnership with The Spark Project, an initial funding from the Australian Alumni Grant Scheme, and our Design Collaborators, we provide a platform for our entrepreneurial artisans to weave new dreams with you!


Nestled in the heart of Basilan, amidst the lush landscapes and the rhythmic hum of back-strap looms, lies a community whose story is as intricate as the patterns they weave. For generations, the Yakan women artisans have breathed life into their craft, weaving not just fabrics but the very essence of their culture and heritage.

In a region marred by conflict and adversity, weaving isn't merely a livelihood; it's a lifeline. Yet, these artisans have grappled with challenges, from the unpredictability of weather to the exploitation by middlemen. But amidst these hardships, their spirit remains unyielding, their hands never ceasing to create beauty from thread.

In 2022, a ray of hope shined through the clouds as the community unveiled their own weaving center, a beacon of light amid the shadows of its past. With the support of the Angat Buhay Foundation, they now have a sanctuary where their craft can flourish, rain or shine. But their journey doesn't end here.

With your support, Ate Laila and her fellow artisans aim to enhance their weaving center, creating a space where their vibrant creations can be showcased with pride. From purchasing additional display racks for storage to providing more tables and chairs for their office, every contribution brings them one step closer to their dream of sustainable livelihoods and a thriving cultural enterprise.


Tier 1: Likha Bag Charms - Php 650

Tier 2: Mayumi Reversible Obi Belt - Php 1500

Tier 3: Makisig Reversible Bucket Hat - Php 1700

Tier 4: Istilo Yakan Shorts - Php 1800

Tier 5: Sining Yakan Tote - Php 3000

Tier 6: Disenyo Yakan Polo - Php 4500

Tier 7: Studio Sug Coordinates - Php 6000

At Php 20,000, the community can further enhance its workspace by acquiring essential office furniture such as tables and chairs. These additions will provide our artisans with comfortable and functional workstations, allowing them to focus on their creative endeavors with ease.

At Php 30,000, the community can set up a display center to showcase their beautiful handwoven fabrics but also serve as a welcoming space for visitors to explore and appreciate their work.

At Php 50,000, the community will be able to secure additional materials that are vital to their craft, including thread, monaco balls, and pamo.

At Php 100,000, the community will have enough funds to purchase furniture and fixtures to improve their weaving center, and also materials that they can use for their weaving.

Unlike other crowdfunding initiatives, the funds received from the campaign will directly benefit the Bayani Artisans. The money gained either through reward pledges or donations will be utilized for the purchase of supplies necessary to put in the work required to fulfill the production of the rewards or contribute to fulfilling their aspirations.

Keeping the BAYANIHAN spirit alive and spreading it to more communities will support the Bayani Artisans to reach their target goal however, if the target goal is not met, the artisan still receives the funds due to them from the campaign. 

Thank you for your pledge to #BeABayani!

Name Date
Karina Therese Gulay 28 March, 2024
Karina Therese Gulay 28 March, 2024
Neni Cruz 9 April, 2024
Yella Castillo 10 April, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Deliveries would depend on the destination. For local addresses, it would take 3-4 business days while international addresses would take 5-7 business days.
Of course! You can send us a message and we can facilitate an introduction between you and Ate Belen.
Yes, your pledges would only cover the rewards you choose. We will email you an invoice for the shipping once the rewards are ready to be delivered.
Yes, we do ship internationally! We will email you an invoice for the shipping once the rewards are ready to be delivered.
At the end of the campaign, your pledges will go straight to the artisan to support them in their new venture. Click here: https://fund.thesparkproject.com/project/tailoring-a-sewing-studio
Yes, we will be posting updates on ANTHILL’s social media accounts (@anthillfabric) and sending updates through emails. As a Bayani (contributor), you will also receive emails from Spark Project about the campaign.
You can back this project via Bank Transfer/Deposit and PayPal.
Check your inbox, you should have received payment instructions.
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Tier 1: Likha Bag Charms - ₱650.00

The Likha Bag Charms celebrates Filipino craftsmanship and vibrant culture. Handcrafted with stunning handwoven scraps Yakan fabrics, each charm is a piece of art that tells a story of tradition and heritage. With a set of three, you'll carry a love for culture wherever you go, adding a pop of color and personality to your everyday essentials. It comes in an assortment of colors in a set of 3!



Total Length: 5.5”

1 claimed

Tier 2: Mayumi Reversible Obi Belt - ₱1,500.00

Level up your style with our one-size versatile reversible wrap belt, now featuring the beautiful Yakan Sinaluan weaves. Each Mayumi Obi Belt is a testament to Filipino craftsmanship, adding a playful touch to any outfit. Embrace endless styling possibilities with this fun and fashionable accessory! It comes in three color palette options for you to choose from: (1) HATINGGABI, (2) BUGHAW, (3) LIYAB



Length: 4.75”

Width: 18.5”

Length of ribbon belt: 41”

3 claimed

Tier 3: Makisig Reversible Bucket Hat - ₱1,700.00

Whether it's a lazy day or aiming for effortless style, the Makisig Reversible Bucket Hat has you covered! Enjoy two stylish looks in one with its reversible design, now featuring vibrant Yakan Sinaluan weaves for that extra flair. It’s available in 1 color with a reverse side: KAYUMANGGI: black-beige



Length: 5.75”

Hat Circumference: 32”

Base: 6.5”

4 claimed

Tier 4: Istilo Yakan Shorts - ₱1,800.00

The Istilo Yakan Shorts are a stylish yet understated addition to your wardrobe! Designed for comfort and style, these shorts feature back pockets crafted with vibrant Yakan Bungasama weaves, adding a touch of Filipino heritage to your wardrobe. Whether you're strolling through the city or lounging by the beach, these shorts are the perfect companion for any adventure. It comes in three color palette options for you to choose from: (1) ITIM, (2) BUGHAW, (3) LUNTIAN


Sizes offered: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

0 claimed

Tier 5: Sining Yakan Tote - ₱3,000.00

The Sining Yakan Tote is designed to elevate your everyday adventures! Crafted with vibrant Yakan Sinaluanl fabrics, this spacious bag offers ample room for all your essentials and more. Embrace Filipino craftsmanship with every carry, perfect for beach days or daily errands. It comes in two color palette options for you to choose from: (1) LIYAB: red-black, (2) HATINGGABI: black-white



Length: 14”

Width: 17”

Base: 7”

Length of strap: 23.5”

0 claimed

Tier 6: Disenyo Yakan Polo - ₱4,500.00

The Disenyo Yakan Button Down Polo is a versatile unisex piece that seamlessly blends casual comfort with sophisticated style. Crafted with intricate Yakan weaving accents, this polo is perfect for any occasion. Elevate your wardrobe with a touch of Filipino heritage and embrace the versatility of this timeless piece. It comes in three color palette options for you to choose from: (1) ITIM, (2) BUGHAW, (3) LUNTIAN


Sizes offered: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

0 claimed

Tier 7: Studio Sug Coordinates - ₱6,000.00

The Studio Sug Coordinates is a perfect pairing of style and comfort infused with Filipino heritage. Each item boasts the intricate Yakan weave accents that make your style truly stand out. These stylish and versatile pieces are the perfect addition to your wardrobe as you mix and match them to create your ensemble! It comes in three color palette options for you to choose from: (1) ITIM, (2) BUGHAW, (3) LUNTIAN


Sizes offered: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

0 claimed

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