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Ateneans Supporting Scholars for an Empowered Society


Join us as we make the dream of an Ateneo education real for more students this school year 2024-2025! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

₱520,000.00 funding goal
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2% funded

Our story began one random weekday in 2011 when I visited the Ateneo Office of Admission and Aid (OAA) to say hello. I overheard discussions on the University’s scholarship programs, specifically the goal of raising the scholar population to 25% of all students.

I asked how we can help.

The then OAA Head of Scholarships informed me that there were actually numerous ways – from full grants, partial grants, to food and transportation allowances.  In short, any amount is welcome for help is always welcome.

I then set out to message some Facebook friends asking them if they were interested. My pitch to them was, ‘let’s pool PhP 5000 each and see where it goes!’ I gave them a week to decide. After seven days, 37 of my friends committed.

This was the beginning of ASSES or the Ateneans Supporting Scholars for an Empowered Society.

 Our group has grown from the initial number of 37 supporters, who were able to raise PHP 185,000 in 2011 to over 200 members who have raised almost PhP 5 million, supporting over 50 scholars as of 2024. These 200 members have invited their families and friends to join ASSES, including some who graduated from other schools.

ASSES initially wanted to support incoming senior college students who were in danger of not graduating because of financial challenges. Later, this evolved to include students from the Ateneo Senior High School, student-athletes, and anyone who would need help.

At the height of the lockdown during the pandemic, ASSES worked with the Ateneo DReaM team and other NGOs to support our hospital frontliners with hot meals, food, and PPEs.

More than the sum of money donated and even the community formed within the group, we are happiest to be able to support scholars who have the potential to positively change the course not just of their own lives, but of our country.

The Ateneo education is a gift that we ourselves have received, made possible by the hard work and generosity of our parents, friends, and benefactors.

As members of ASSES, it is our privilege to be able to pass on this on to students who can do better than all of us, AMDG.


We hope they do.

And we hope you support them too.


Photos: Ateneo de Manila Facebook

Name Date
Mark & Dotz 25 April, 2024
Jeff Oliver Gaisano 25 April, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

We work hand in hand with the Ateneo de Manila's Office of Admission and Aid (OAA) who will give recommendations from the pool of students who applied for scholarships.
Donations of PhP 5000 (or any amount) are collected via The Spark Project platform which supports PayPal, Credit and Debit Card via PayMongo, and GCash. Remittance may also be done manually via bank deposit and PayPal.
At the end of the donation period, I will release a Financial Report containing the inflows and outflows. Outflows usually consist of website fees, PayPal fees, and other administrative fees. In addition, ASSES maintains a closed and private FB group where representatives of the OAA are members, for them to see the group's activities and updates.

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