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Ang Dragón Sa Capanganuran: A Short Film


“Ang Dragon Sa Capanganuran” is a story of a young Lannang caught amidst the Philippine Revolution.

Metro Manila, Philippines
₱150,000.00 funding goal
32 backers
72% funded


 It is 1898, and the Revolution as arrived in Cebu.

Caught between the loyalists to the Spanish crown and the revolutionaries, orphaned Lannang (Chinese Filipino) Hunliong forms an unlikely friendship with insulare (Philippine-born Spaniard) lieutenant Jaime as they attempt to escape the violence raging across the country, though war isn’t the only horror that follows them.

As they attempt to evade both the guerillas and a shadow from Hunliong’s past, the film poses two questions on cultural identity: who is a Filipino, and who can determine what that means?

Ang Dragon Sa Capanganuran is a short film written by Davaeño director Adrian Lo that aims to exhibit the ethnic diversity of Filipino culture through an age-old conflict that pervades to this day. 

Chinoys are often faced with a cultural conundrum: are we Chinese, or are we Filipino? Identities bounce between these two sides, and people often demand to choose one. Especially in these times of tense geopolitical relations, prejudice and discrimination run high.

This film aims to show that ethnicity is irrelevant to the Filipino identity, and that prejudice in the Philippine context stems from a sense of displacement and deep rooted pain on all sides.

#AngDragon #StopAsianHate #SupportLocalPH

Ang Pao postcards

Ang pao are envelopes with money given on special occasions. Said to bring good luck and delay old age, this set features the main characters on banknotes with their respective spirit symbols as drawn by illustrators Alexie Laggui and Paul Atienza.

[Museo Clothing] sweatshirts

Giving Chinoy streetstyle a whole new meaning with limited edition sweatshirts featuring photos in Binondo, a Chinese saying that inspired the siblings' backstory, the auspicious number 2, and a quote from the movie. A collaboration with streetwear brand Museo Clothing, with photography by Edward Ang.



Note: All sizes are approximations in inches.


Ceramic noodle boxes

Specially designed ceramic noodle boxes for all your pansit and kanin needs. Inspired by Chinese and Philippine pottery, each piece features a blue "便的食" label in ancient Chinese seal script and Philippine pre-colonial style etchings. Carefully handmade by Risa Barcelona.


Producers’ set

If you would like to become an Associate Producer, you will receive all featured merchandise, an Associate Producer credit in the film, and an exclusive private streaming link to the final cut.

If you support us as an Executive Producer, not only will you receive all featured merchandise, an Executive Producer credit in the film, and an exclusive private streaming link, but you will also get this specially-designed framed poster with your name on it.

Alexie Laggui is an illustrator, concept artist, and art director in an education research and publishing group. An avid gamer and foodie, her art features a unique combination of horror and the grotesque with Filipino cuisine. Instagram: @lagguillotine

Paul Atienza is a keyboard enthusiast and illustrator. He has recently gotten into creating short comics, and is somewhat of a cinephile. Instagram: @desk_draws

Moji Gonzales and Edward Ang are the founders of Museo Clothing, a brand that aims to showcase Philippine creatives through printed apparel, street photography, and on online gallery. Instagram @museoclothing @moji.gonzales @filmbyed

Risa Barcelona is a content creator and designer. Since learning about pottery back in 2018, she found joy in making hand-built ceramics. Her creations are mostly quirky and functional pieces that may or may not have to do with some kind of inside joke or pun, like her little rice in a box that inspired the takeout box seen here. Instagram: @risainabox

The Ang Dragon Sa Capanganuran team is composed of writer Adrian Lo, music director Serina Alonzo, and executive producer Nikki Santos-Ocampo

As Filipinos with multicultural backgrounds, the team came together to tell the story of strife that many people continue to feel today. In an age of globalization, language contact, and mingling cultures, why are we asked to deem only one aspect of our identity as true? If we were born in this land and fight for it, do we not count as nationals?

This is a story for Filipinos everywhere, to understand where our anger and judgement come from, and to release these disputes among our diverse people.

This is for those who feel displaced, and for those who wonder: who am I as a Filipino, and where do I belong?

Due to the pandemic, we may experience delays in the production of merchandise and in principle photography.

Rest assured we will remain as transparent as possible in the production process. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates on the delivery of your pledge as well as our filming schedule.

September 21, 2021 (Mid-Autumn Festival) — Fundraiser Launch

November 4, 11:59 PM — Fundraiser End

November 5 to December 15 — Merchandise Production

December 15 onwards — Shipping of pledges (just in time for Christmas!)

February 2022 — Principal photography in Davao City, Philippines

March 2022 — Film post-production

April 2022 — Target release to Producers; submissions to film festivals and distributors


For more information and to keep updated with the status of our film, follow our social media pages on Facebook /sacapanganuran and Instagram @sacapanganuran.

Daghang salamat usab sa imong suporta! 


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Arielle Sindac 21 September, 2021
Mayte Abola 21 September, 2021
Camille Marie Falcon 22 September, 2021
Loisse Ledres 23 September, 2021
Anonymous 24 September, 2021
Adrian Lo 28 September, 2021
Mikee Manahan 29 September, 2021
Jill Lo 30 September, 2021
Franklin Olivar 1 October, 2021
Glenthz Mina 2 October, 2021
Arianna Orig 5 October, 2021
Charles Mariano 6 October, 2021
Gelo J. 12 October, 2021
Anonymous 16 October, 2021
Moira Dumagan 16 October, 2021
Frances Cabatuando 16 October, 2021
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Irma Sy 22 October, 2021
Rebecca Chan 26 October, 2021
26 October, 2021
Anissa Kampo 29 October, 2021
Shanne Lauron 30 October, 2021
Unknown 2 November, 2021
Badit Tan 2 November, 2021
Paul Regalario 2 November, 2021
Paul Regalario 2 November, 2021
Joy Grace Jerusalem 3 November, 2021
Anonymous 3 November, 2021
Kat Ngo 3 November, 2021
Bea and Rj 3 November, 2021
Betch Querijero 4 November, 2021

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Ang Pao postcards - ₱500.00

An Ang Pao style set of postcards inspired by money designs, featuring the main characters of the film with illustrations by Alexie Laggui and Paul Atienza.

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Museo Sweatshirts - ₱850.00

Limited edition oversized sweatshirt designs with streetwear brand Museo Clothing. Featuring photography by Edward Ang. Comes in M, L, XL, and XXL.

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Ceramic Noodle Boxes - ₱1,500.00

Handmade ceramic noodle boxes by Risa Barcelona for all your pancit canton needs. Featuring pre-historic Filipino style etchings with Hokkien "便的食" (pansit or convenient food) inscription, fired in blue glaze.

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Complete Ang Dragón set - ₱2,500.00

This package includes

  1. Set of postcards
  2. One sweatshirt of your choice
  3. One ceramic noodle box
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Associate Producer - ₱10,000.00

This package includes: 

  1. Credit as an Associate Producer in the film
  2. A set of post cards
  3. One sweatshirt of your choice
  4. One ceramic noodle box
  5. Private streaming link 
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Executive Producer - ₱25,000.00

This package includes: 

  1. Credit as an Executive Producer in the film
  2. A set of post cards
  3. One sweatshirt of your choice
  4. One ceramic noodle box
  5. A special edition framed movie poster with your name on it
  6. Private streaming link 
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