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Project Kayamanan


Raising financial literacy, confidence and self-worth of public high school students through online peer financial education program

₱750,000.00 funding goal
10 backers
12% funded



Name Date
Stephanie Vicente 23 March, 2022
Michelle Pecdasen 23 March, 2022
Nastasha Galura 23 March, 2022
April Jan Burgos 23 March, 2022
Ethan Lee 23 March, 2022
Allyana Patrimonio 23 March, 2022
Fritz Bensan 23 March, 2022
Mike Agpoon 23 March, 2022
Cassandra Paez 23 March, 2022
Justin Corral 23 March, 2022

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Ginto - ₱6,000.00

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