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Hiraya Chocolates


100% Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate maker with a social conscience and an advocate of fair and sustainable practices.

₱85,000.00 funding goal
48 backers
100% funded

HIRAYA CHOCOLATES is a Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company that is an advocate of fair, sustainable, and socially-conscious practices.

Our name comes from the ancient Filipino phrase “Hiraya Manawari,” which is loosely translated as a deep and sincere wish for the desires of your (or someone's) heart to be granted. The word Hiraya in itself, means the “fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations,” which we believe is a fitting name to such a wonderful product that brings joy to people, especially with all the love, care, and passion involved in creating it.

We are excited to share to you our big dreams for the local chocolate industry and the cacao farmers that we support.

We hope for the Philippines to be a major player in the global market by promoting locally-grown cacao beans made into quality bean-to-bar chocolate and chocolate products.

We dream to uplift the lives of our cocoa farmers by fully committing to a fair and direct trade relationship.

We aspire to become a chocolate company who showcases the best chocolate flavors from different cacao growing regions in the Philippines.

1) We have the geographical advantage

The Philippines is one of the few countries in Asia that can grow cacao trees, but we have yet to fully realize this potential. Local cacao farming is typically limited to being a backyard industry for making traditional tableyas. What we want to create is a high-value product in the form of single-origin chocolate bars that highlight the flavor nuances of cacao beans sourced from different regions in the Philippines.

Similar to wine and coffee, we strongly believe in the chocolate’s “terroir,” a term used to describe a product’s characteristic taste and flavor that is imparted by the environment—such as the soil, topography, and climate—in which it is produced. This means that, chocolate that is made from cacao beans from Davao will taste totally different from chocolate made from beans in Bicol, and elsewhere.

2) We have the historical provenance

The rare and highly prized variety of cacao-- the Criollo variety-- which originated in Mesoamerica was brought to the Philippines by the Spaniards through the Galleon Trade. We have evidence that the original trees from the Spanish era exist in small pockets around the country, especially in the regions around the old port cities. There is value in these trees because they can be considered as an heirloom variety that may be superior in flavor than the commonly available cacao tree hybrids, and we want to create premium chocolate bars from this cacao bean variety.

3) We support local farmers

As an integral part of our identity as a social enterprise, we take pride in having a direct relationship with our cacao farmers. We are committed to a sustainable and long-term partnership with our local cacao farmers by engaging in fair and direct trade to ensure that they earn more for their labor with the goal of securing them a better quality of life.

To help launch our first chocolate product-- 72.6% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bar, which is made from Trinitario beans that are naturally grown by our adopted community in Malabog, Paquibato District, Davao-- we need your help to fund the following initiatives:

1) Cacao bean processing facility for our farmer community in Malabog, Davao.

Our community in Davao is in need of funding to finish the construction of their own cacao bean facility, so they can ferment and dry their own beans before it is sent to our chocolate manufacturing facility.

This facility allows the farmers to be more hands-on in the processing of cacao beans, ensuring focus and accountability for producing a higher cacao bean volume of Grade A quality. To be more specific, this facility will increase farmer profits of 200% per kilogram of cacao bean.

2) Cacao seedling nursery for propagating heirloom cacao varieties

Funding will also be used to identify and propagate the local criollo varieties whose origins can be traced from the Spanish era. We want to encourage more farmers to grow a higher value cacao variety and earn more from their efforts.

Name Date
Arvin Joseph Peralta 23 October, 2015
Wilfred Fragante 23 October, 2015
Ariel Angelo Doma 24 October, 2015
David Espejo 28 October, 2015
Alfred Huntington 31 October, 2015
Kristine Ann Venzuela 1 November, 2015
Fatima Leigh Viril 3 November, 2015
John Paul Santos 3 November, 2015
Avigail Bulanadi 4 November, 2015
Therese Anne Villanueva 5 November, 2015
Neil Chan 8 November, 2015
Christopher Bryan Liao 9 November, 2015
Wilynda Chua 11 November, 2015
Edwin Eborda 12 November, 2015
Ralph Jason Aquino 23 November, 2015
Estelisa Camantigue 24 November, 2015
Mark Angelo Cacatian 24 November, 2015
Patch Dulay 24 November, 2015
Eleonor Go Tycangco 26 November, 2015
Jose Mari Plaza 26 November, 2015
Salve Jasareno 26 November, 2015
Raki Talan 26 November, 2015
Sanra Pharma 26 November, 2015
Apolinaria Mendoza 27 November, 2015
Warangkana Fajardo 27 November, 2015
Vanna Gonzales- Rodriguez 27 November, 2015
Jazzielyn Chow 27 November, 2015
Inah Quejano 28 November, 2015
hadap krista sienna 28 November, 2015
Len Jarabe 28 November, 2015
Dick Ambrocio 29 November, 2015
Estelisa Camantigue 29 November, 2015
Estelisa Camantigue 29 November, 2015
Anna Fortuna 30 November, 2015
Christopher Bryan Liao 30 November, 2015
Harlene Ramos 30 November, 2015
Cesar Erwin Magnaye 30 November, 2015
Jimbo Reverente 1 December, 2015
Jazper Tiongson 1 December, 2015
Marianne Mencias 1 December, 2015
Amir Acosta 2 December, 2015
Dale Fernandez 2 December, 2015
Lance Filler 2 December, 2015
Christine joy Paz 2 December, 2015
Jerico Javier 3 December, 2015
Jocelyn Upano 3 December, 2015
Marjorie Ann So 3 December, 2015
Abby Bacani 3 December, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

<p>Our goal is to raise PHP 85,000 for our campaign. The fund will be allocated as follows:</p><ul><li>A total of PHP 60,000 will be used to construct a fermentation facility for our community in Malabog, Davao. This will cover the cost of total materials (cement, gravel, wood, etc.) and labor.</li><li>The rest will be used to cover costs and fees associated with running the campaign, including the costs and logistics involved in preparing and sending out of rewards.</li><li>Excess funding will be used to fund the propagation of criollo seedlings.</li></ul>
<p>Rewards will be delivered around 4-6 weeks after the crowdfunding campaign has ended. We will be sending periodic emails to update you about your rewards. For the tour of the chocolate production facility, we will coordinate with you via email to arrange the tour on a weekend. Delivery will be done on a first back, first served basis.</p>
<p>Our first product is the <strong>72.6% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bar</strong> from Malabog Davao.</p><p>Our next goal is to make more single-origin bars using cacao beans from other regions in the Philippines, as well as making other chocolate products.</p>
<p>Of course!</p><p>Send us an email at <strong>hirayachocolates@gmail.com </strong>and we can talk to arrange it.</p>
<p>We would love to hear from you!</p><p>Shoot us an email at <strong>hirayachocolates@gmail.com</strong></p>
<p>Although we are not organically certified, we assure you that our cacao beans are naturally-grown, and our farmers only use all-natural and sustainable farming methods and techniques.</p>
<p>Yep, definitely!</p><p>We only use two ingredients to make our chocolate: <strong>naturally-grown cacao beans and sugar</strong>. Our chocolate does not contain milk, soy, lecithin, and other additives. </p>
  • December 7, 2015

    To those who backed via Bank Deposit, please send us the address where you want your rewards to be delivered. Message us via email or on our Facebook Page!

  • December 4, 2015

    We have successfuly reached our target goal of 85k! Thank you for your love and support! We'll send another update next week re: status of your rewards <3

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Sweet Tooth - ₱500.00

  • Enjoy Two (2) 72.6% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bars made from Trinitario beans naturally grown by our community in Davao
  • Thank You Postcard with hand-written notes from the founders
15 claimed

Chocoholic - ₱1,000.00

  • Indulge in Five (5) 72.6% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bars. You can have it all for yourself or share with another chocolate lover
  • Thank You Postcard with hand-written notes from the founders
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Dark Chocolate Package - ₱2,500.00

  • Delight in Five (5) Bars of 72.6% Single-Origin Dark Chocolate Bars
  • Limited Edition Color-Changing Hot Chocolate Mug perfect for lounging on rainy nights
  • Thank You Postcard with hand-written notes from the founders
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Tableya Package - ₱2,500.00

  • Treat yourself to Five (5) Boxes of Traditional Tableya (6 pieces per box)
  • Limited Edition Color-Changing Hot Chocolate Mug to perk up your mornings
  • Thank You Postcard with hand-written notes from the founders

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Ultimate Chocolate Lover - ₱5,000.00

  • Experience a Chocolate-Making Tour to be conducted by the founders at the production facility in Quezon City (schedules will be arranged)
  • Five (5) Boxes of Traditional Tableya (6 pieces per box)
  • Five (5) Bars of 72.6% Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars
  • Limited Edition Color-Changing Hot Chocolate Mug
  • Certificate of Appreciation signed by the founders
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